Dear Friends
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We are inviting you to Körmend, on the banks of the Raab, to the 12th Alterába Festival, 17-19 August 2023.

With loads of outstanding alternative, rock, and punk groups in the line-up, and excellent after-show programmes (retro disco, no-disco), you can be sure of having a really good time.

As Picture on Festival is our appreciated partner, we can offer a huge discount to those arriving with a 2023-year Picture on wristband. For them, the daily tickets cost only €15/person or €20/couple.

The normal daily ticket price (without a Picture on wristband) is €23.
Note: these prices in Euro (both the discount and normal prices) are ONLY valid for persons
with NO Hungarian citizenships.

On site, you will find excellent catering at extremely fair prices.

Party in Körmend, Hungary, just 18 kms from the Austrian border.

Meet you there!

All the best,

The festival staff

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