Dear Friends from Europe,
címkék ::

Welcome to the website of (Pro Art Awarded) Alterába Festival.

We would be glad if you could visit us in July 2016.

We invite music lovers the 7th time to Körmend, a small and friendly town just next to the Austrian border, where 12 thousand visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the 5-day festival.

You can see the best Hungarian alternative, rock, indie, and other state-of-the-art bands live on stage.

Many of our 2016 performers are widely known in Europe, like Quimby, Brains, Irie Maffia, DJ ZULU (GB), or Ocho Macho.

Quality is always a high priority to us regarding the sound and light technology, or the catering, as well.

Our ticket and catering prices are very low, even compared to Hungarian standards.

Our free time centre and camping on the banks of the River Rába has a juvenile and domestic atmosphere, which makes it a perfect place for a music holiday.

From our prices:
Beer (0,5 l): 1,5 Euros
Cooked meals: from 2 Euros
Camping for 1-2 days: 5 Euros (altogether, not per day)
Camping for 3-5 days: 7 Euros (altogether, not per day)

If you attend our partner festival Picture On and present your Festivalpass at our festival gates, then Alterába for you is FREE!

5-day-ticket for the citizens of Austria, Germany and Switzerland: 20 Euros
1-day-ticket for the citizens of Austria, Germany and Switzerland: 5 Euros

This discount is not valid for Hungarian citizens.

You can buy your tickets on the festival site.

It is impossible to find a bigger discount for a festival like this!

Join both festivals, and enjoy the Hungarian hospitality, and the Hungarian music. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :)

Best regards,